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This is a very scary time. Here is how COVID-19 is affecting GLOW: 

In accordance to the latest CT State Mandate, GLOW is taking all of the necessary precautions to keep us all safe. For a full list of these precautions, please send an email requesting more information, or visit the COVID Update tab up top. 

Until further notice, GLOW is not performing any treatments that requires the client to remove their mask. Please sign up for emails (or send one) to get the latest updates. 

GLOW cannot wait to get back to making you feel beautiful! Hang in there! We will make it through. sending you lots of peace and love! 

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Skin Care Consultation 


This service is required for all new skincare clients. Simone will go through a thorough process to get to now your skin better, address your questions and concerns and come up with a customized plan, just for you. 



Benefits: Smooth skin texture, reduce scarring, fine lines and dull complextion 

Luxe Microdermabrasion: 90 Minutes: $175 

Full Microdermabrasion: 60 Minutes: $145

Express Microdermabrasion: 35-40 Minutes: $99 


This is the skincare treatment people have been raving about for years. Smoother skin and fresh appearance in just one treatment. Though results are accumulative, the feeling you get after one treatment is AH-MAY-ZING!  Polish and smooth scarring, add radiant smooth skin texture to your life. Touchable, lovable skin is just an appointment away.

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Ask about the special introductory offer for this treatment! 

Benefits: Exfoliate, extract, heal &hydrate.  Smooth, clear, supple, young skin

Hydro Facial: 45-60 Minutes: $165 

Extract impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells, and hydrate at a level in which you've never reached before. The results of this facial last weeks! Includes a relaxeing facial massage, hand massage masque customized to your skincare needs. 

Hydro LUXE Facial: 90mins-2hours: $185

Deep hydration, healing and exfoliation with hydrofacial also includes facial muscle toning/lifting, skin tightening, collagen and hyaluronic acid infusion. Includes masque, decollate, arm, hand and facial massage. 

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Chemical Peel 

Benefits: Lighten dark marks, clear breakouts, prevent breakouts, erase fine lines and wrinkles, increase hydration

Increase Collagen. Lighten dark spots. Increase Elastin. Increase circulation. Decrease lines. Decrease active acne, prevent new blemishes. Reduce scarring. Peels destroy dead skin and rebuild new, healthy skin cells. This treatment will literally hit the "re-set" button on your skin and change the way it behaves. Peels are not scary, trust us. $135

Fluff, Buff and Refresh 

Benefits: Relaxation, deep cleanse, light exfoliation and facial massage 

A classic European facial for those looking to relax and leave their worries at the door. A perfect luxurious treat for the tired soul. A thorough cleansing, light exfoliation and facial mask, this facial is exactly the pick-me-up you need. $125

Collagen Infusion

Benefits: Increase Collagen levels in the skin to help plump-up fine lines, very hydrating 

As we age, collagen levels decrease. Using an electrotherapy that penetrates collagen into the skin, much deeper than product alone, this treatment is extremely effective in reducing fine lines and helping the skin retain healthy moisture levels. An enzyme exfoliation keeps your skin smooth and supple. $135

Oxygen Miracle Treatment 

Benefits: Chemical Peel Alternative, clear acne, healthy, dewy and rosy complexion, purify 

For those who are not suited for a chemical peel, or  simply cannot afford the down-time. This relaxing process, loosens congestion in the pore, purifies the skin cells and infuses the skin with oxygen. This is really wonderful for hormonal breakouts. We call it the miracle for a reason. Try it out for yourself! $165

The Ten Ped

Benefits: Chemical peel for the feet, rejuvenation and relaxation 

One of our most popular treatments, the Ten Ped is the exfoliation of the feet through the gentle power of fruit enzymes. You will leave with the same exfoliation it would take you 10 pedicures to achieve, in just one treatment! YES, really. A relaxing scalp and hand massage with a hydrating face mask is just the treatment you need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated! $135

Extraction Maintenance Facial 

Benefits: Reduce black and white heads, prevent breakouts, clear existing breakouts

A fast, 30 minute treatmentrepeated every 2 weeks. Exfoliation gets rid of dead, dull surface skin cells,  extractions clear clogged pores. When repeated at the recommended frequency, clients experience clear, healthy complexion. $65

Ultrasound Therapy 

Benefits: Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, decrease scarring, exfoliate and freshen the skin

A two step process, that utilizes sound waves to increase heat in the skin, jump-starting the skin's collagen and elastin centers, causing skin to tighten, reducing wrinkles and scarring. High vibrations, exfoliate the skin to its freshest, smoothest self. A crowd favorite among the GLOW Gals. $155

Facial Muscle Toning (Mircocurrent)

Benefits: Light exfoliation, tone and firm facial muscles to reduce signs of aging

When you work out, using your muscles increases their definition and firms the look of your body. Think of this treatment as the best/most relaxing squat your face could do. Small, gentle yet very effective electro currents, stimulate the muscle "working it out". The results are a beautifully lifted, and toned face. Like the results at the gym, consistency is key; but trust us... this is much more fun than going to the gym. $155

Vitamin C Facial 

Benefits: Smooth and brighten, exfoliate and feed sun damaged skin

Vitamin C is essential in fighting free radicals (greedy buggers that zap healthy energy and nutrients from your healthy skin cells, dulling them in the process)  This wonder vitamin in (C)rucial in reversing and preventing sun damage  If you have EVER been out in the sun...you need this facial. $135

Buy 2, get 1 50% off 

Buy 3, get 1 FREE 

Choose multiples of the same service, prepay for the discounted packagesschedule and forget it! These are extremely popular options for GLOW's clients and is a great way for you to maintain perfect skin without breaking the bank. 

(These Packages exclude Waxing, Lash Extensions, Spray Tanning, Express maintenance facial, and the Ten Ped) 

L A S H   S E R V I C E S

Lash Extensions 

Finally be able to say truthfully, "I woke up like this." Make Beyonce proud. Using a synthetic Mink (the most hygienic and best looking option) we place an individual extension on each of your natural lashes, creating a luscious, natural, gorgeous dirty blink to your eyes. No mascara!  Flawless lashes every single day! A fill is needed every 2-2.5 weeks to maintain this amazing beauty look!  

Classic Individual Full Set: $199

Volume Full Set: $250

Lash Extension FILLS 

The maintenance appoinetment required to maintain the perfect set of eyelash extensions. To be repeated every 2-2.5 weeks. 

Classic Individual Fill: $1.75 per minute (average takes 35-55 minutes, depending on your growth cycle, tenderness in caring for the extensions, and natural lash volume

Volume Fill: $68 (set price)

Lash Lift (Perm) 

The perfect alternative to Lash Extensions if you have naturally long, straight eyelashes. This treatment applies a semipermanent perm solution to your lashes, giving them a curl to envy! We also add a tint to blonde/light colored lashes for an additional noticeably gorgeous look. 


Lash Tint 

Perfect for those with naturally longer lashes, looking for a more noticeable lash line. We apply a vegetable based tint to the lashes, giving the look of mascara without needing to apply any! A fabulous addition to a natural look. 


Lash Extension REMOVAL 

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone; sometimes you need to take a break and that's perfectly okay! we recommend coming in for a removal instead of letting the extensions grow out themselves. This ensures professional attention to detail, safely removing the lashes, maintaining their natural health. 



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