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At GLOW, we understand what it means to be sensitive! These facials are great for the person who's skin can be reactive to certain ingredients. The treatments listed below can be further customized to suit your skin's sensitive needs. 

A consultation is required for all new clients and clients who's last treatment at GLOW was 6 months or more prior to the appointment date. (30 min) 50

For best results, during your consultation, Simone will suggest the top 3-4 treatments that are best for you. We recommend rotating through each of your top 3-4 to achieve the best skin of your life. (Example: One month: Luxe Microderm, Month 2: Collagen Facial, Month 3: Vitamin C Facial, etc.) 

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CBD Facial 

Hyaluronic acid is a moisture binding agent. It holds 10,000 times its weight in water and is natural occurring ingredient. This powerful treatment uses Ultrasound to penetrate medical grade Hyaluronic Acid deep into the skin. Depleted skin will be replenished and your skins critical water balance will be restored, resulting in healthy skin function. (60mins) 165

Rejuvenate your skin with the power of pure and undiluted collagen and instantly reveal younger, healthier more vibrant skin. Pure collagen is infused into the skin using Ultrasound skin firming technology. Pure freeze-dried collagen fibers provide a boost of hydration, plump fine lines and wrinkles and calms and soothes irritation, and restores skin’s vitality and youthful appearance. Skin appears supple, smooth and GLOWing! (60mins) 165

Give your skin a boost with this luxurious facial! A highly concentrated and gorgeous blend of broad spectrum CBD oil and MCT coconut oil delivered radiance to stressed and overworked skin while earthy aromatics delight the senses. CBD helps to calm, heal and deeply nourish the skin! 155

GLOW Classic Facial 

A classic, European, relaxing facial, this treatment gives you the best of both worlds: relaxation and refreshment. A wonderful treatment for the person looking to turn off the sounds of the world for a while. A facial scrub and enzyme exfoliation followed by a relaxing facial massage and mask, the Glow Classic Facial is a must have in any skin treatment plan. 155

Hydro Facial 

(All 3 versions suitable for sensitive skin)

Extract impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells, and hydrate at a level in which you've never reached before. The results of this facial last weeks! Includes a relaxing facial massage, hand massage masque customized to your skincare needs. 


Express (30min) 99 

Classic (60min) 165

Luxe (2 hours, includes facial skin and muscle tightening therapy) 189

Hyaluronic Acid Facial 

Pure Collagen Facial 

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