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"I am experiencing breakouts."

Treatments that may be best for you: 

Peels hit the reset button on your skin, which is often needed to get control over breakouts that feel like they are controlling you.


Chemical Peels are nothing to feel intimidated by. We will work together to find the perfect peel formula for your needs.


Acne is caused by a bacteria that can only thrive in an environment without oxygen: clogged pores.


This unique treatment protocol developed by GLOW's owner Simone, extracts the pore, infusing it with Oxygen, immediately killing the acne-causing bacteria. 


Blemishes often have a thick, waxy plug, which creates the perfect breeding ground for acne. 

The LUXE Microdermabrasion includes multiple exfoliators that will extract the clogged pores and sweep up dead skin cells, polishing and refreshing the skin. 


"I am so dry, I feel like a desert."

Treatments that may be best for you: 

Face feeling a little thirsty? Dry skin is not just an inconvenience. It prevents the skin from performing it's most important function: protecting us. 


The Hydro Facial will exfoliate, hydrate and infuse vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to function at its best


Have you ever noticed the wrinkles on the skin of an apple after it has been left in the bowl for too long? The moisture has evaporated. The same thing happens to our face. Dry skin cannot retain moisture properly, causing it to evaporate.


Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid Infusion uses an electrotherapy that penetrates moisture  into the skin, far deeper than when applied on their own. This allows your skin to produce its own hydration long after the treatment is completed. 


Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin function. When your skin is healthy, it allows for higher moisture retention, for younger, hydrated skin. 


The Vitamin C facial exfoliates and infuses Vitamin C into the cells, allowing for this wonder vitamin to do its job. 


"I have dark marks (Hyperpigmentation) from picking, acne, hormones or ingrown hairs."

Treatments  that may be best for you: 

Hyperpigmentation is our body's defensive reaction to a trauma within the pore or surface of the skin. This can also be caused by hormones. 

When performed in a series, chemical peels are very effective in lightening dark marks. They "reset" the skin's function, jump starting the production of healthy skin cells, produced in your natural skin shade. 


"I see signs of aging I would like to soften." or "I would like to prevent signs of aging before they creep up on me." 

Treatments that may work best for you: 

At GLOW, we aren't anti aging, we are just PRO graceful aging. 

This incredibly effective treatment will exfoliate, extract and infuse vitamins into the skin, plumping up wrinkles and fine lines. 

This treatment also includes skin tightening and muscle toning technologies that create dramatic results. This is but far GLOW's most popular treatment! 


As we age, our collagen and elastin production (responsible for the bounce and lift to our skin) begins to deplete dramatically at age 25. 

Collagen and elastin are produced in the Fibroblast Cell. 

Ultrasound produces a heat through sound wave technology, reaching the fibroblasts, jumpstarting and speeding up the collagen and elastin production within the cells. A series of these treatments will show dramatic results.


Think of this treatment like squats for your face. Just as exercise tones and lifts the body, micro current lifts and tones the facial muscles. 

Facial Muscle Toning through micro-current will lightly stimulate the facial muscles, gently reminding them to tone and lift. This treatment can be combined with the Ultrasound Therapy in one treatment. 


Combine with Ultrasound: $275

"I am still pretty unsure of what would be best for me." 


No worries! That is what we are here for. Let's schedule a consultation. Simone will ask you a bunch of questions to get to know your skin a bit better. From there, she will work with you in the best treatment plan to fit your needs. 

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