New to Lash Extensions or interested in trying a different type? 

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Classic Individual

Lash Extensions

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The original, classic style of lashes most people are familiar with. Best for clients who are seeking the "mascara" or "blessed with great natural lashes" look. The Classic Individual lashes are a wonderful every day, natural looking lash. Tried and true, this style is sure to add a natural lovely look to your eyes. If this is your first time entering the lash world, GLOW recommends you try this lash type first. 

Full set: $199

Fils: $1.75 per minute, every 2-2.5 weeks. 

Volume Lash Extensions

This Lash set is best for the diva who is ready for a big POW-BAM look! The Volume Lashes are a more dramatic, thick, full, wispy look. These lashes are light enough to protect the integrity and health of your natural lashes, but full enough to really make a statement. Great for the Gal who has tried Lash Extensions before, and is ready for a bit more. 



Full set:$250 

Fills: $68 every 2-2.5 weeks

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