As we try to return to some sort of small normalcy, I wanted to provide you all with some of the protocols I will be implementing at GLOW, to keep  us all safe; many of which I have always done.

I have taken and will continue to take every precaution in the treatment room to keep us all safe.

Please do not enter the GLOW waiting room upon arrival. Text the business phone (provided in every email correspondence) letting me know you have arrived. Your temperature will be taken. Provided no symptoms are presented, please remove your shoes and put on the provided shoe coverings. 

I ask that all any clients entering GLOW wear a face mask or cloth covering during their treatment. If you do not enter wearing a face covering, I will not be able to service you. Please know I am still smiling at you under my mask! :) 

Please keep any purses, jackets or  bags by the door in the waiting room. Please do not bring these items into the treatment room.
Furniture in the waiting room is off limits. 


I have put up a Plexiglas glass shield to protect us both at check out. I wear a disposable apron, face mask, face-shield and gloves during the treatment portion of the appointment. I have removed the sheets and fluffy blankets from the treatment bed and replaced with medical exam paper; disinfecting and replacing between clients. 

I ask that payment and tip be paid by card, to reduce contact. 
I have reduced the number of appointments per day, limiting to 3-4 clients each day, in order to keep our exposure at a minimum. As always, I will only be working on one client at a time. I ask that only the person scheduled for the appointment enter the suite; I would like to keep the waiting room empty. Please contact me as soon as possible for an appointment because as you can imagine, we are all eager to get services done after being quarantined, my schedule is booking up quickly.

Please take comfort in the fact that I have always used hospital grade cleaners and detergents for my sheets, implements and working area. 

I wipe down the door knobs, iPad, stylus and credit card machine, bathroom keys,  knee bolster and working area between every single client. I wash my hands between every client, and before I start each treatment.

Once a tool is used, it is washed with hot soap and water, soaked in hospital disinfectant, placed in a sterile, single use protective package, put in sanitizing cabinet, and fully sterilized. 

The hospital grade cleaner and detergent I have always used at GLOW kills the following: 
 H.I.V. (A.I.D.S. Virus), herpes, ringworm, staph, MRSA, both strains of influenza, Hepatitis B and C, the common cold, and numerous other pathogenic organisms. It complies with OSHAs and CDC blood born pathogens standard.

As always, I am thinking of each and every one of you and wishing you health and safety. I am always here to answer all of your questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. I love and miss you all terribly!