What Is Age Melt? 

Age Melt is a Facial Radio Frequency Treatment used to tighten and induce collagen + Elastin production for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, acne scarring and minimize pores. 

How Does Age Melt Work? 

The RF hand piece is slowly rotated over the target area transmitting radio waves through the upper layers of the skin to the dermis, heating the skin. The currents passed cause heat to build up in the skin tissue. This heat works to contract the dermis (the upper skin layer) resulting in wrinkle reduction (some wrinkles are eliminated all together). RF delivers energy deep into dermal tissues. This heating action causes deep collagen structures in the skin to immediately tighten. Over time, new collagen + elastin is produced by the body to further tighten the skin. This results in overall skin rejuvenation lasting for months.

Are There Any Side Effects? 

There are a couple very rare, very minimal side effects. Some people have reported redness/slight puffiness post treatment. This side effect, if experienced is extremely short-lived. This is a safe, lunch-time procedure that will allow you to go back to your regular scheduled activities once the treatment is over. 

Who Should Not Receive Age Melt? 

Contraindications for Age Melt  include cardiac pacemakers (the RF can interfere with the mechanism), any metal work close to the skin surface (for example, pins and platess in the zygomatic arch), severe heart disease, connective tissue/muscle disorders, epilepsy or seizure disorders and pregnancy. A medical history will be taken at the time of your consult to decide your eligibility.  

When Will I See Results? 

Your skin will feel firm, and refreshed immediately after, results within the skin will gradually appear; the height of your results showing at 3 months after your last treatment. These results can last up to 24 months, depending on age, lifestyle, diet, metabolism and overall health. We are re-training your body to produce new collagen and elastin; this takes time but is SO worth it!

How Many Treatments Will I Need? 

The results of Age Melt are accumulative; meaning you will need multiple treatments to receive the best results. GLOW recommends a minimum of 5 treatments to see the best results, however depending on age, lifestyle, diet, at home skincare regimen  and desired result,  up to 10 treatments may be necessary. GLOW Offers treatment package plans. Remember, results may last up to 24 months, so this is actually a cost effective way to get dramatic and beautiful results. We recommend maintenance appointments every 6 months. 

What Does It Feel Like? 

Super relaxing! The heat from the RF is so calming, many people fall asleep during their treatment. The process takes about 35-40 minutes.

Is There Down Time? Will I Need To Do Anything For Prep? 

The best thing about Age Melt is there is nothing you need to do to prep, and there is no down time! You can go about your daily routine as planned once the treatment is over. Although, you may want to work extra time into your day, because people will be stopping you to give you compliments :)